Rain, Rain Go Away

imageAnd so it did. But, unfortunately, tarp ineptitude caused the Cubs grounds crew to put the tarp on the field incorrectly and if that wasn’t enough, remove it incorrectly–basically rendering the field unplayable and the game was not resumed. Trust me, it wasn’t for lack of wanting to on the GIANTS part–the players, coaches and staff waited in the dugout 4 ½ hours to complete the game. But it didn’t happen. Here’s the bad part: the game had already gone 4 ½ innings–with the Cubs in the lead–making it a regulation game. The GIANTS only hope for a win was to have play resumed or the game suspended. Neither happened and the GIANTS took the loss.

Casey Stengel once said “Now there’s three things you can do in a baseball game: You can win or you can lose or it can rain.” GIANTS found out last night you can do two of them at the same time.

Ryan Vogelsong pitched yesterday’s game against the Cubs–the 1st game in a 3 game series at Wrigley Field. He walked the Cubs rookie 2nd baseman in the 1st and the Cub’s 1st baseman–a NL HR leader came to the plate and did what Cubs fans have come to expect: he hit a HR. After 1, the score was:

GIANTS 0, Cubs 2

imageThe GIANTS got 6 hits off the bats of Pagan, Pence, Arias and Crawford. At the end of the GIANTS half of the 5th, the rains came. The Cubs grounds crew rolled the tarp out on the field–at some sort of odd angle–and failed to cover much of the left side of the infield. When the rain stopped and the tarp was removed, the crew dumped water on the infield. After scurrying for a couple of hours to get the infield dry–using squeegees, blowers, tractors and something called Turface–the Cubs grounds crew spent the last hour or so of the delay standing around.

imageThey left 1 lone grounds crewman with a rake. The Cubs said they were going to do all they could to make the field playable, but I’m not convinced this was their best effort. I could be wrong. You don’t really think I’d admit to that in writing, do you?

The final score was:

GIANTS 0, Cubs 2

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