Two…In a Row

According to the pundits, the GIANTS haven’t won two games in a row in their home ballpark since June 8th. This might sound like I’m repeating–but just the thought of that leaves me–well…speechless. Honestly, that doesn’t seem possible. So I looked it up.* And it’s true. The GIANTS actually won three games in a row from June 6th through June 8th–when they swept the Mets. The GIANTS have won two games in a row on the road since then–many times–but not at home.


Sunday’s Game

Lincecum was on the mound and it looked like he was headed for a rough outing with an early exit. He ended up going 5 innings and gave up 7 hits, 2 runs, 4 walks and a hit batter. He struck out 2. The Phillies got the scoring started early. In the top of the 1st their lead-off man got a base hit, but Susac threw him out when he attempted to steal 2nd. The next batter drew a walk. The 3rd man in the Phillies line-up hit an RBI triple to score the 2nd hitter. The GIANTS came out swinging in the bottom of the 2nd. Morse hit a single, advanced to 2nd on Susac’s base hit and scored on Crawford’s RBI single. Crawford hit a ground ball to right field and while Morse was on his way home, the right fielder threw to 3rd and missed. Susac scored on the error. Crawford made it to 3rd on the throw. After 2, the score was:

GIANTS 2, Phillies 1

imageThe Phillies scored another run in the 3rd, tying the game. Morse led-off the 4th with a base hit, advanced to 2nd on Panik’s single, and scored on Susac’s RBI single. After 4, the score was:

GIANTS 3, Phillies 2

The GIANTS held a one-run lead until the 8th inning. Blanco–who entered the game in the 6th to pinch-run for Morse–led-off in Morse’s spot and hit a double. Panik followed with a base hit, moving Blanco to 3rd. The Phillies’ right fielder, thinking Blanco was going to try to score, threw the ball home and Panik advanced to 2nd on the throw. Susac drew a walk to load the bases. Crawford hit a SAC fly, scoring Blanco. Arias–batting in the pitcher’s spot–hit another SAC fly, scoring Panik. The final score was:

imageGIANTS 5, Phillies 2

So, the GIANTS won Saturday, and they won  Sunday. That isn’t just two in a row–that’s a streak. One thing I have noticed–when the GIANTS do well, the Rookies are right in the middle of it–getting base hits, RBIs, runs, good defensive plays–looking like seasoned pros. Maybe Sabean really wasn’t able to find a 2nd baseman to fit the GIANTS needs. And then again, maybe he didn’t really look very hard.

Gamer Babe Marie and her husband spending their Sunday afternoon at the Yard. #GoGiants!!

Gamer Babe Marie and her husband Mickey spending their Sunday afternoon at the Yard. #GoGiants!!

The GIANTS are off today and headed for Chicago for a 3 game series against the Cubs. Belt is on his way to Pittsburgh to see a concussion specialist–he’s just not shaking off the concussion symptoms completely yet. Panik dislocated his pinkie finger when did a head-first dive into 2nd during the 8th inning yesterday and right now he says he’s day-to-day. Hector Sanchez took a foul tip to his face mask Saturday while playing in a rehab game for AAA Fresno. It’s a big setback in his recovery.

*for those who are interested: my favorite websites for baseball stats and player stats come from 2 sources: for team stats–like the ones we are discussing–I usually go to and for player stats–both major league and minor league–I use

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