What Can I Say?

I’m Floored. Flummoxed. Flabbergasted. Or maybe it’s Baffled. Befuddled. Bewildered. I know what you’re thinking. Toni, what has you so Dumbfounded? Discombobulated? and what’s with all the alliteration? Well, I’ll tell you. The GIANTS turned my whole Feast or Famine theory upside-down. And I like alliteration. It makes me look smart.

08.16Having the Feast or Famine thing blow up in my face is not the worst possible outcome for yesterday’s game–the 2nd in a 3-game series between the GIANTS and the Phillies. In fact, as it turns out, it was a good thing. Hunter Pence was the 2nd GIANTS hitter to come to the plate in the 1st inning. He took 3 pitches–2 balls and a strike–and then: “he hits it high, he hits it deep, it–is–outtahere!!” Duane Kuiper’s famous homerun call.  Music to my ears. After that? Nothing.  Oh, sure, sure–the GIANTS fought, got a base hit, even an extra base hit, drew a couple of walks–but no runs. Hudson pitched through a couple of tough spots, but in the 3rd he gave up a walk, a couple of base hits and a SAC fly–and the Phillies took advantage of it–scoring 2 runs. After 3, the score was:

GIANTS 1, Phillies 2

The Phillies led off in the 5th with the top of their line-up and scored after getting a base hit, a walk, an RBI double and another  base hit that scored 2 runs. After 5, the score was:

GIANTS 1, Phillies 5

rookies.08.16It was starting to look like another abysmal outing for the GIANTS. Posey led-off the bottom of the 6th with a single, and Pablo followed with a little infield pop-up. The Phillies didn’t catch it. Some of you may be wondering why the infield fly rule wasn’t applied. Well, I’ll tell you why–the rule only applies when there are fewer than 2 outs–as was the case here–AND there is a force play at 3rd base–which was not the case here. Buster was on 1st, Pablo was headed in that direction, and when the ball dropped–much to everyone’s surprise–Buster high-tailed it to 2nd and Pablo made it to 1st before the Phillies sufficiently recovered to successfully throw one of them out. That brought up Morse. With 2 men on and nobody out, he roped an RBI double to center field, scoring Buster and advancing Pablo to 3rd. Adam Duvall was up next–replacing Ishikawa–and he drew a walk. Panik came to the plate and hit an RBI single, scoring Pablo. Blanco was up next in the pitcher’s spot and he singled, scoring Morse. Angel Pagan hit a SAC fly to plate Duvall, tying the game. After 6, the score was:

GIANTS 5, Phillies 5

panik.08.16The GIANTS scored again in the 8th when Panik led-off with a triple and scored on Blanco’s RBI single. Romo closed out the game for the GIANTS. The final score was:

GIANTS 6, Phillies 5

So instead of Feast, then Famine it was Famine, then Feast. But who cares? Bottom line–the GIANTS won. But it’s got me wondering–what made this game a winning game for the GIANTS? I know what you’re thinking: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But still–to say the least–I am Stumped. Maybe that’s it. Or Stunned. Or I know–Speechless.

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