Feast or Famine

The catchphrase for the 2010 GIANTS was ‘GIANTS Baseball–Torture’. The catchphrase for the 2014 GIANTS has to be  ‘GIANTS Baseball–Feast or Famine‘. It seems like the GIANTS either lose by a chunk–or even a shutout–or they win by a bunch. That’s a different kind of torture. Last night’s game was similar to 2010-style Torture–a close game, with nothing happening for the GIANTS until the last inning(s) of the game. Read about it in my previous blog post: Nanu, Nanu. Today’s game was more like 2014-style Feast or Famine, with a little late inning Torture thrown in.

Peavy.08.13Today’s game turned on a 7th inning call at the plate in the GIANTS half of the inning. The White Sox were on the board with 1 run–courtesy of a HR in the 4th, but the GIANTS had yet to score. Peavy pitched and he was looking for his 1st win in a GIANTS uniform, and at that point he’d pitched a helluva game. All the GIANTS needed to do was score some runs. So they did. 7 of them. I could go through the plays hit by hit and run by run, but suffice it to say that every single player in the line-up contributed in one way or another to get the job done. Neither team scored after the 7th. The final score was:

GIANTS 7, ChiSox 1

blanco.08.13The 7th inning was amazing to watch–not amazing by the fact that the GIANTS battled together one right after the other and so relentlessly, because they always do–but because they were triumphant. They were victorious. And, for whatever reason, that isn’t always the case. It started when Panik hit a soft grounder toward 1st base, and instead of taking the out at 1st, the 1st baseman chose to try and take Blanco out at home, so he fired the ball to the catcher. But the White Sox catcher was blocking the plate before he had the ball, and under the rules, the runner must be given a lane–the catcher is not allowed to block the plate without the ball. If no lane is given, the run scores. The umpire called Blanco out, Bochy asked for a review and on the replay review, the call was overturned. The out was taken away and the run scored. Game tied. After that the GIANTS couldn’t be stopped. They feasted. And Peavy got the W.

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