The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

You know how in the blog post I wrote for yesterday’s game about having hope right up to the last pitch of the game? If you watched today’s game you get it now, right? The GIANTS staged 2 late inning rallies–including one in the 9th–that kept me thinking “we have a chance.”

The Good

imageThe GIANTS scored 1 run in the 2nd. Pablo led-off with a base hit, moved to 2nd when Duffy took 1st after being hit by a pitch, Panik’s SAC fly advanced Pablo to 3rd, and Pablo scored on Susac’s RBI single. In the 7th, Duvall led-off and drew a walk, Panik drew a walk as well, advancing Duvall to 2nd. Duvall and Panik both scored on Susac’s 2 RBI double–count ’em, that’s 3 RBIs for our rookie catcher. He’s on fire! Pagan’s base hit moved Duvall over to 3rd and Duvall scored on Pence’s RBI single. The GIANTS didn’t score another run in the game, but they gave it a good go in the 9th. With 2 outs and the bases loaded, Pablo smoked a line drive to center field that found a glove–worst luck ever!–ending the game.

The really good news was the role the rookies played in scoring the GIANTS runs. There were 4 rookies in today’s  game and each made contributions to all 4 of the runs that scored–either by advancing the runner on the base path, batting a run in–like Susac did 3 times!–or scoring the run itself. I was excited when the rookie-centric line-up was announced because I couldn’t wait to see what our new GIANTS could do. They did not disappoint. Hey, Rookies! You were good!

The Bad

imageThe Royals scored 7 runs and stole 7 bases–thieves!–to win the game. Timmy gave up 4 runs in the 1st on a base hit, a walk, a double and a homerun. Timmy left the game in the 4th after giving up 2 more hits and a run. Gutierrez took over and gave up a 2 run homerun. The final score was:

GIANTS 4, Royals 7

The Ugly

The Royals won all 3 games in the series. They swept the GIANTS. That’s fairly self-explanatory.


I’ll end on a good note–the GIANTS didn’t give up and neither should we. They kept battling–right up to the very end. For all we know, that’s what hope is.

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