Goin’ to Kansas City

I hope the GIANTS have a better time in Kansas City than they did in Milwaukee.  Oh, don’t get me wrong. Milwaukee wasn’t all bad. Wasn’t all good either. Sorry, Kuip–I know that’s your ‘hood–or used to be. But no longer.  You’re one of us now.

Wednesday’s Game

vogey.08.06Vogelsong pitched–he did a great job, as usual. He pitched 6 innings, giving up 7 hits,  1 run, walked 1, and struck out 3. The bullpen picked up the remaining 3 innings, and combined gave up  6 hits, 3 runs, 0 walks and struck out 5.

The GIANTS offense came out swinging. Hunter Pence led-off the 1st with a base hit, Joe Panik followed with another base hit. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad: Buster Posey hit a ground ball into a force out and Panik was thrown out at 2nd–it’s not really bad news–I only point it out because I don’t want you to think Panik disappeared into thin air. That left Pence on 3rd and Posey on 1st. The Panda hit an RBI single to left field that plated Pence and Posey advanced to 2nd. With Brandon Belt at the plate, the Brewers’ pitcher threw a wild pitch–allowing Posey to advance to 3rd, and Pablo to 2nd. Michael Morse hit a 2 RBI single, scoring Posey and Pablo.  The lead-off man for the Brewers hit a HR to kick off the Brewers half of the inning, but Vogey shut them down after that. After 1, the score was:

GIANTS 3, Brewers 1

giants.08.06The GIANTS scored in the 4th when Posey got a base hit, Sandoval and Belt each moved him over a base and Morse brought him home with an RBI single. The Brewers scored 2 runs in the 7th and the GIANTS scored again in the 8th. Perez led-off in the pitcher’s spot with a base hit, advanced to 3rd on Pence’s base hit and scored on Panik’s RBI single. Panik scored along with Pablo on Pablo’s 2-run HR. The Brewers scored 1 more run in the 9th. The final score was:

GIANTS 7, Brewers 4

Thursdays Game

Here’s the good news about Thursday’s game: Pagan was in the line-up. So that’s it. Actually, that’s not it–but it is great news. The Brewers drew 1st blood, scoring a run in the bottom of the 1st inning. Peavy pitched, and to be honest, he held his own for the 1st few innings. He got into jams, but managed to either pitch out of them, or the defense played brilliantly and kept the game to a one-run contest. The biggest problem for Peavy has been run support. So he helped himself.  Peavy led-off in the 5th and struck out. When he swung through the last pitch of his at-bat, the ball got away from the catcher and Peavy took off for 1st–and made it. Peavy advanced to 2nd on Pagan’s base hit and scored on Pence’s RBI single. Game tied. After 5, the score was:

GIANTS 1, Brewers 1

The Brewers scored a couple of runs in the 6th, with the help of base hits, back-to-back doubles and a SAC fly. The GIANTS didn’t score again. The final score was:

GIANTS 1, Brewers 3

So ends Miller Time. It’s on to Kansas City. Kansas City here we come.

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