Peavy Practically Perfect

imageNobody’s perfect. But there are a few guys out there who are “pitcher perfect“–they breathe rare air. Matt Cain is one of them. Dallas Braden is another. Jake Peavy came close yesterday–really, really close. The interesting–and very frustrating–thing is, the Mets’ pitcher was not far behind him. It was almost like a staring contest, just a matter of who would blink 1st. If you think it was Jake Peavy, think again.

imageThe Mets’ pitcher’s bid for a perfect game ended in the 5th inning when he walked Brandon Belt. His hopes for a no-hitter were dashed in the top of the 7th when Pablo roped a double to left field. Jake Peavy’s chances for a perfect game and a no-hitter were shattered all at once in the bottom of the 7th. The lead-off hitter flied out to Hunter Pence–with an amazing catch in foul territory that is destined for the highlight reels. The next batter hit a double and the wheels came off the bus. When the inning mercifully ended the Mets were up by 4. At the end of 7, the score was:

GIANTS 0, Mets 4

The GIANTS fought back in the 8th. Brandon Belt led-off with a base hit and advanced to 3rd when Juan Perez doubled on a line drive to right field. Travis Ishikawa–remember Travis from the 2010 World Series Champion GIANTS? He’s back!!–drove them both in with a 2-RBI single. Javier Lopez pitched a perfect inning to the Mets for their final outs. The final score was:

GIANTS 2, Mets 4

I have nothing more to say, but since I love alliteration, how’s this:

Positively phenomenal–Peavy’s pitching performance practically perfect!!


imageMatt Cain update: for those who have not heard, Matt Cain has been advised that the bone chips floating around in his elbow must be removed–surgically. He sought the opinion of 3 different doctors, and they all agreed that surgery was needed to fix the problem. Bochy said Cain is likely done for the season. He has had the bone chips for 10 years, but they haven’t caused problems until recently.



2 thoughts on “Peavy Practically Perfect

  1. Steven L. Spurgeon says:

    Bad left field play on the first two hits cost Jake the PG through 7th and who know what would have happened. The first hit was a complete misplay and the second
    hit was a pull up that should of been a catch. After that as a pitcher Jake’s head was spinning as it could and should of been a win at the least for a guy that gives it all every time he gets on the bump!


    • I whole-heatedly agree. Morse took a step the wrong way, and doesn’t have the speed to recover from misjudgment. Peavy is pretty ‘effing intense. He makes Vogelsong look like a mild-mannered bank clerk. I like him. How do you think LA v LAA will go? Puig recovered? Looks like Kemp is going to make sure he has a spot in the line-up, he’s been playing like he used to lately. Putting up a pretty good fight! I like Kemp–he’s a scrapper!


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