This Is Only a Test

I wish. If this is a test, I’m bound and determined to pass it. But I have to tell you–I’ve taken bar exams that were easier than this. I still believe, though, I still believe.

imageLast night’s game was an improvement, really. The Pirates got off to an early start when their lead-off batter, 1st inning, went yard–over Hunter Pence’s head. In the 2nd inning, their lead-off batter got a base hit, but the next guy hit one over Hunter Pence’s head again, so the Pirates got a 2-fer. And then it was Michael Morse’s turn at the plate. And it was a good one. He took the 1st pitch–a ball–and sent the next pitch over the left-center field wall. Of course the Pirates manager challenged the homerun call, saying the fan who ended up with the ball reached over the fence and caught it. But he lost the challenge on the replay review because the ball actually hit the fan in the stomach before he caught it. Hudson settled in after the 2nd inning and pitched a gem. image


The Pirates weren’t able to score again. Problem was–neither did the GIANTS. The final score was:

GIANTS 1, Pirates 3

It was our rookie catcher’s 1st big league start and he did a decent job. He even reached base once. Showing a lot of restraint and patience he drew a walk in the 7th.

imageWhat’s happening to the GIANTS? Nobody knows. To paraphrase Al Pacino: I’m perplexed, you’re perplexed, Bochy’s perplexed, the whole damn team is perplexed!

All I know is this: I believe in the GIANTS, I know they’ll pull out of this. But they gotta start doing something. Anything. And sooner rather than later, huh guys?

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