I’m not gonna lie to you. That one hurt. Not sure why it was more painful than any other loss, but it just felt worse. So I have a joke for you!

Little Andy wanted to be a pirate for Halloween. His mom made the perfect costume for him–right down to the jagged leg torn britches, the swash-buckling sword (made from tin foil of course), eye-patch and blacked-out tooth. She even rigged up a stuffed parrot and attached it to his shoulder. He rang the doorbell at Mrs. Smith’s and shouted “trick or treat” when she opened the door. Mrs. Smith clapped her hands in delight, and exclaimed: “my stars! you’re a scary pirate!” she peered around him, “but where are your buccaneers?” Little Andy stood there, arms akimbo, and replied “lady, they’re under my buckin’ hat.”

imageWhen it comes to the Pirates beating the GIANTS, I figure it’s better to laugh than cry. The Pirates scored 4 runs in the 1st and 1–a homerun–in the 2nd. Bumgarner was on the mound for the GIANTS and he just didn’t have his stuff. The Pirates pitcher had his best outing ever as a big leaguer, throwing a complete game, a shut-out. Like Sunday’s game, a combination of bad pitches and fielding errors contributed to the GIANTS’ loss. But the biggest problem, the one that continues to plague us–the GIANTS aren’t scoring runs.  In Saturday night’s game against the Dodgers, with Kershaw pitching, the GIANTS got 3 hits.  But that was against the guy that is purported to be “the best pitcher in Major League Baseball”, so you can chalk it up to–he had all of his stuff–his good pitches were working and he was hitting his spots. But last night? There’s no rhyme or reason why that pitcher gave up only 4 hits against the GIANTS! The San Francisco GIANTS!! All I can say is: there’s something wrong. There’s something seriously wrong. The good news is this: they keep battling. Every last one of them from the newest rookies, Panik and Susac, to the skipper himself.image

They will pull us out of it–I know they will.

I still believe.

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