Why Can’t We Be Friends?

imageTo paraphrase WC Fields: “all things being equal, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” I get it. Me too. I would so much rather watch a 2-1 loss to the Phillies than watch the GIANTS get slaughtered by our arch-rivals, the dreaded LA Dodgers. Last night’s game was a study in contrasts. The Dodgers scored early and often. The GIANTS scored late and seldom–ok, it was just the once, but I’d say that’s pretty damn seldom. The Dodgers sent the GIANTS to the bullpen early. The GIANTS sent the Dodgers to the bullpen late. Each team sent in 3 pitchers. The difference? Each of the GIANTS pitchers gave up at least 1 run. Only 1 Dodgers’ pitcher gave up A run. Just the one pitcher, just the one run. They have Yasiel Puig. Come to think of it, that’s a good thing. They can keep Yasiel Puig. We have the Killer P’s, an outstanding starting rotation and bullpen, and a veritable petting zoo. Except the White Shark–we probably shouldn’t try to pet the White Shark.

I know I sound bitter. I am bitter. The best team in Major League Baseball got trounced by a team that doesn’t even compare to the GIANTS. Not even close. The GIANTS work hard. They play with a lot of heart. They pick each other up. They play for the name on the front of their jersey, not the name on the back. They play for each other. They play for us. That’s right. They play for us. And our job? The only thing we have to do  is believe in them. And we should believe in them.

I’m pretty sure you figured out by now  that the GIANTS lost last night’s game. It was a bloodbath. The Dodgers had 15 hits total. 4 of them were triples. Triples, dude!!! I blame myself. You know the old saying–“pride goeth before the fall”? Yup, you guessed it–I bragged a little, got kind of boastful, threw caution to the wind. My pride wenteth, and the GIANTS took a helluva tumble. The Dodgers scored 1 run in the 1st, 5 runs in the 5th, 1 in the 6th and  1 in the 8th. The GIANTS scored 1 run in the 9th. Here’s what happened: with 1 out, Joaquin Arias came to the plate and drew a walk. He advanced to 2nd on a base hit by Panik, moved to 3rd on Blanco’s base hit and came home on Colvin’s RBI single. The final score was:


imageFile under the category More Bad News: Hector Sanchez left the game early, after being hit in the face mask by a foul tip. Bochy confirmed that Sanchez suffered a mild concussion and will likely be placed on the DL today.

The GIANTS face the Dodgers for game 2 in the series tonight. Leading the charge for the Dodgers is their ace, Clayton Kershaw–believed by some to be the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. Pitching tonight for the GIANTS? Ryan Vogelsong. And hey, I gotta believe if anyone can do it–Vogey can. He’s got more heart, more guts, more determination and more can-do-attitude than just about anybody playing baseball today.

image   So, the question: why can’t we be friends? Well, I take baseball seriously. I take the GIANTS seriously. But this arch-rivalry? Not so much. Look at this picture. I take our rivalry about as seriously as they do. If these clowns can be friends, we all can.

2 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Be Friends?

  1. Lori Devincenzi says:

    I’m right there with you on all fronts! Well, except being in Philly. But watching our guys lose to LA sours my stomach. Poor Hector! How many times has he been hit in the head?


  2. Apparently too many. They’ve called up Susac and I’m interested to see how far along he is. I’m also looking forward to seeing how things shake out with Peavy. and Uggla? that’s a big question….I hope he’s like Burrell, and cleans up the rest of the season. Wouldn’t that be great?!?! fingers x’d and shaking my troll doll…tc


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