What a Long, Strange Game

pablo.07.22If you thought Monday’s game in Philadelphia between the GIANTS and the Phillies was a little humdrum, I sure hope you were watching yesterday. Because that game was anything but. It started on a Tuesday and ended on a Wednesday (ET). A starting pitcher got credit for the save. Bochy literally emptied the bullpen. For a minute there, I thought they might start warming up Posey. The lead changed hands so many times, it was like watching a tennis match. Dave Groeschner, the GIANTS trainer was called out to the field so often, I thought maybe they would move the game and finish it up in a hospital parking lot. Ok, I’m embellishing a little–a lot–things just get more interesting when you exaggerate, but it was a long, strange game.

It all started off fairly routinely. In the top of the 1st, Pence hit a single, moved to 2nd when Panik ground out and scored on Pablo’s RBI double. The Phillies scored 2 runs in the bottom of the inning. In the top of the 2nd, Blanco led-off and drew a walk. He stole 2nd and advanced to 3rd when the Phillies’ catcher made a throwing error trying to put him out. He scored on Crawford’s RBI ground out. Neither team scored in the 3rd  or 4th. After 4, the score was:

GIANTS 2, Phillies 2

Pence led-off the 5th inning with a big fly, giving the GIANTS the lead. The Phillies took it back and then some in their half of the inning by scoring 3 runs. In the 7th, Adrianza–he entered the game to replace Panik who was injured running out a grounder in the 1st inning–hit a double and scored on Buster’s RBI single. The Phillies still held the lead, but the GIANTS were closing in on them. Speaking of Buster, he came to the plate in the top of the 9th, and with 1 out and nobody on, sent a blast to left field, tying the score. In the bottom of the 9th, the Phillies put men at the corners, but couldn’t close the deal. After 9, the score was:

GIANTS 5, Phillies 5

crawford.07.22And so it was on to extra innings. Not much happened, really, until the 14th–that’s right, the 14th!  The inning began and ended with Adrianza, but the interesting stuff was what happened in-between. Posey stepped up and smacked a double to right field. The Phillies pitcher walked Pablo intentionally to get to the GIANTS pitcher–Kontos. Kontos laid down the perfect SAC bunt, moving Posey to 3rd and Pablo to 2nd. Blanco came to the plate and-oops!-drew a walk that was not intentional. Crawford had the next at-bat–he looked at 1 pitch and then roped a double to left field. To paraphrase Duane Kuiper, our unwitting leader: Posey scores! Pablo scores! Blanco scores! They all score! Music to my ears. Sanchez hit a line-drive for an RBI single, plating Crawford. In the middle of the 14th, the score was:

GIANTS 9, Rockies 5

Kontos came back out to pitch the bottom of the inning because: a) there was no one left in the bullpen and 2) I’m sure Bochy hoped Kontos still had a little gas in his tank. He did. At least a drop. With 1 out and 2 Phillies on board. When he was coasting on fumes, Bochy called for his Cy Young Award winning, 4 X All Star, World Series Ace, and current starting pitcher–Lincecum–to be the emergency relief pitcher as only Timmy can. One runner was able to score. Kontos got the W, Timmy got the S, and the rest of the bullpen did their part. Come to think of it, the entire team did their part. Great game. The final score was:

GIANTS 9, Phillies 6

and as Porky the Pig used to say:thats all folks

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