Play It Again, Kuip

Duane Kuiper made a call the other night that I described as “music to my ears.” It was a beautiful sound. And he sang it again last night.

Yesterday’s game was the 3rd in a 4 game series between the GIANTS and the Phillies in Philadelphia. The game was delayed due to rain for almost an hour–but it didn’t really rain that much. The game resumed, and continued, even when it actually rained. The GIANTS starting pitcher–the GIANTS Ace, Madison Bumgarner–threw 8 scoreless innings. The Phillies starting pitcher did too. At the end of 8 the score was tied:

GIANTS 0, Phillies 0

The Phillies brought in their lights out closer. You know, the one Posey hit a HR off of in the previous game, costing the pitcher a blown save. I’m pretty sure the Phillies figured lightning couldn’t strike in the same place twice. Boy, were they wrong. It could and it did. Morse was the lead-off hitter. He fouled off the 1st pitch and got hit by the 2nd pitch. He was given 1st base and Blanco took Morse’s place to pinch run for him. Duvall and Colvin both struck out. The pitcher intentionally walked Crawford to get to Sanchez, and who could blame him? Sanchez  hasn’t been doing much at the plate lately. But Hector showed a huge amount of patience and uncharacteristic restraint–he usually takes a whack at the 1st pitch he sees. This time he held up and it paid off when he drew a walk. Hunter came up to bat with 2 out and the bases loaded, and sent a line drive into right field for a double. And that’s when Kuip started singing my song: “Blanco scores! Crawford scores! here comes Sanchez and he’s gonna score! They all score! Pence moved to 3rd on a Phillies throwing error, but the Phillies got the next batter out and retired the side. The Phillies were able to score a run in the bottom of the 9th. The final score was:

GIANTS 3, Phillies 1

pence.07.23What a game! I guess I should say, What an inning! It was a fairly pedestrian game until the 9th inning and I got so excited I almost had a heart attack. Apparently the Phanatic had one because Pence had to give him CPR.

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