One was Good, Two was Better


I promised a two-fer on FaceBook yesterday because I just didn’t have much to say about Saturday’s game. I still don’t. I will say this: Vogelsong pitched his heart out. He went 6.1 innings, facing 25 batters, gave up 6 hits, 2 runs, NO walks and he struck out 4. He has had 4 great outings in a row with absolutely ZERO run support. And ever the consummate professional, he refuses to complain. Can somebody please get this man some runs??? He worked hard to keep the score low so the GIANTS could get in the game. Didn’t happen. And although the GIANTS didn’t win, it was still a good game. Thanks in no small part to Vogelsong, and you know what else? 703Diamondbacks%20Giants%20BaseballHe’s baaack–Marco Scutaro returned. He was in the line-up and played the entire game. It sure was good to see him. The final score was:

GIANTS 0, DBacks 2

Sunday’s game? Sunday’s game was better. What a difference a day makes. 24 little hours. Bumgarner was on the mound. The ironic thing is his line looked similar to Vogey’s: he went 6.1 innings facing 27 batters, gave up 10 hits, 4 runs, NO walks and he struck out 5. The difference? Other than giving up more hits and more runs? Yeah, you guessed it–run support. Can’t win the game without it. To be fair, though, Bumgarner was responsible for half of his run support.

The game was scoreless through 2, but Arizona cobbled together a run in the top of the 3rd. The GIANTS remained scoreless through 4. After 4 innings, the score was:

GIANTS 0, DBacks 1

Posey GS-DBBumgarner shut down Arizona in the top of the 5th. In the bottom of the inning, with 1 out, Bumgarner smoked a line drive to left field for a double. Pence came up to the plate and got hit by a pitch. Hey! Whatever it takes to get on base–he took one for the team–just kidding! he didn’t get hit on purpose. Sandoval got a base hit and Posey came to the plate with the bases loaded. And at a time when the GIANTS needed it most, he took that pitcher YARD, for a grand slam. The GRAND SALAMI!!. The crowd went nuts. So did I. At the end of 5, the score was:

GIANTS 4, DBacks 1

MB GSIn the bottom of the 6th, with 2 outs, Arias got a base hit. Adrianza, a last-minute roster addition because Belt had back trouble before the game, blooped a little hit to Arizona’s shortstop–who dropped the ball. Literally. Dropped the ball. Adrianza reached on the shortstop’s error. Crawford drew a walk, and the bases were loaded. Again. Bumgarner came to the plate, and with 2 outs, sent a line drive over the left field wall. Another grand slam!!  1 grand slam is a big deal. 2 grand slams? HUGE. For the 1st time in Major League Baseball history, the starting pitcher and starting catcher hit a grand slam in the same game. It is the 1st time since 1966 a pitcher has hit 2 grand slams in the same season. Arizona scored 3 more runs in the game. The final score was:

GIANTS 8, DBacks 4

That’s it for the week folks. The All Star break starts today with the Home Run Derby being televised today at 5:00 PM–for us Californians–on ESPN, and the All Star Game tomorrow at 4:30 PM–again for us Californians–on FOX. The GIANTS sent 3 players to the All Star Game: Hunter Pence, Madison Bumgarner, and since Bumgarner is ineligible to play because he started yesterday’s game and is starting again on Friday, Tim Hudson will take his place on the field.

The GIANTS begin the second half of the regular season with a series in Miami against the Marlins. The game begins at 4:10 PM, PT and will be broadcast on CSNBay Area, or for those of you who like to kick it old school, on the radio at KNBR 680.

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