The Legacy of Mrs. Flynn

I got an email today from Mrs. Flynn’s daughter. For those who don’t remember, Mrs. Flynn is the original Gamer Babe (the story is on my page: About Toni Cecchetti). If not the original, she’s at least a charter member. Mrs. Flynn is responsible for my love for the GIANTS. When I was a teenager, Mrs. Flynn was a GIANTS fan and she stayed a true GIANTS fan through thick and thin.  Back then I liked whichever team fielded the cutest players. Even the–gasp!–Dodgers! Lucky for me, using the cutest guys as my measuring stick, I would still be a GIANTS fan. They are a nice looking bunch of guys, not to mention they are also a nice bunch of guys. It was great to hear from Mrs. Flynn’s daughter, a Gamer Babe herself. She told me that she appreciates my positive posts, because, as she said “I love my Giants and the exciting games they give us. Win or lose they are my team.” Mrs. Flynn’s granddaughters are also Gamer Babes. Colleen, Laura and Eileen often share, comment or like my posts. It is pretty cool to be part of the Flynn Gamer Babe tradition. In keeping with that positive spirit, here’s what I have to say about today’s game:

The GIANTS lost (I just eliminated the negative-Krukow style) Here’s the good news: they didn’t allow the A’s to sweep them. They didn’t even allow the A’s to shut them out. In the bottom of the 8th inning, Ehire Adrianza got a base hit, advanced to 2nd on Hunter’s base hit, and came home on Pablo’s RBI single. That put the GIANTS on the board. The final score was:

GIANTS 1, A’s 6

This one is behind us. We’ve still got tomorrow. Lots of baseball left. Let’s go GIANTS!!!

5 thoughts on “The Legacy of Mrs. Flynn

  1. Steven L. Spurgeon says:

    Yes, I think the fact Mrs. F. lived in the city made her the #1 GB back in the day. That said, Emma was a hard nose Giant fan living with Dodger fans as her husband her other two sons and myself were (are) huge Dodger fans. Back then they played a lot of day games and she would have the radio on for every Giant game and when we got home from school she made sure we knew the Giants won (except during there June Swoon’s). We never dare or think of trying to get her over to our side that was completely out of the question, so I think ELS qualified as a big GamerBabe!


    • Thanks for telling me…you know, I had no idea which team she rooted for, I just knew she loved baseball, and its one of the reasons I do too. My mom wasn’t a baseball fan, but my Aunt Emma was–she talked about your games–and I always wanted to be like my Aunt Emma. I went to Nick’s legion games even. Remember the softball team you guys had? that was such a fun time. I’m going to have write a blog post about my Aunt Em…another charter Gamer Babe. look for it soon. love ya, tc


  2. Eileen Wagner says:

    This was awesome and brought a tear of joy. She was a true fan. Happy to hear about Aunt Wm and look forward to that blog as well.


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