Accentuate the Positive

Sure there are positives. Plenty of them. Glass half full and all that. But my main thought is this: the GIANTS swept the Tigers awhile back–2012 World Series, remember that? The Tigers swept the A’s last week. Using logic, the GIANTS should sweep the A’s. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that because this is baseball. And in baseball, sometimes you’re the tiger, and sometimes you’re the lunch. Last night the GIANTS were lunch. But let’s face it–they were a tougher chew last night.

First of all, Tyler Colvin, who played baseball at Clemson and obviously he has some Tiger in him–not the Detroit kind, the lunch-eating kind–led-off in the 7th. He took 2 balls, and sent the next pitch yard. He saved the GIANTS from being shut out. It would be the only run the GIANTS scored, but it was a positive–a step in the right direction. The rest of the game belonged to the A’s. But you could see the GIANTS battling. They fought off pitches, they fought the umpires. Oh yeah, the umpires. Jean Machi got himself thrown out of the game–after he’d already thrown his last pitch–when the home plate umpire called a balk on him and he argued it. For the 2nd night in a row, Bochy came out yelling, and it looked like he was trying get himself ejected, but that didn’t happen. Hunter Pence fought the fans–well, it wasn’t really a fight–they razzed him, and he razzed them right back. After the game he said it was all in good fun. Part of baseball. You could see sparks there. image Good sparks!

A few days ago, on Twitter, Hunter Pence tweeted: “It’s not about the outcome, it’s about the opportunity to play as a team and do what I love.” For GIANTS fans it’s more about the outcome, because we want another parade, or a chance to razz our Dodger friends. But I get it. Hunter is focusing on the journey rather than the destination. That’s a positive. Lao Tzu said “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” As fans of the GIANTS we just have to focus on each step we take–look for the positives. Celebrate each one. Next time one of the GIANTS makes a great play, gets a hit or Pablo blows the perfect bubble even–let’s celebrate it. Throw confetti around the ballpark or your living room, toot a horn, cheer out loud.

Because we are the fans of the greatest team in Major League Baseball.  GO GIANTS!!!

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