There’s No Crying In Baseball

There should be. There was a lot to cry about in last night’s game. The really sad part? The A’s didn’t beat the GIANTS. The GIANTS beat the GIANTS.

The game actually started out as an old-fashioned pitcher’s duel. Vogey got into a couple of jams, but he got himself out of them too. He pitched  well through 5.1 innings, but in the 4th he hit a batter, who stole a base, advanced on a base hit and came home when a teammate ground out. He hit another batter in the 5th and when he gave up another base hit Bochy took him out of the game. The funny thing is–both batters got hit when they were taking a swing at the ball, just like Pablo in San Diego, who got charged with a strike, not given a base. But there’s no point in crying about it, because there’s no crying in baseball.

Gutierrez was brought into the game when Vogey came out to get the GIANTS out of the inning. But he got the GIANTS in deeper. The bright spot? Javy Lopez was lights out. Yusmeiro Petit pitched a great inning. But it didn’t matter because the damage was already done.  The bottom line is the GIANTS got shut out. Again. The final score was:

GIANTS 0, A’s 5

I believe in the GIANTS. I don’t like to sound so critical, because, let’s face it–I have no idea how they do what they do. But I misspoke when I said the GIANTS lost because the GIANTS beat the GIANTS. The GIANTS, without the bad pitches, poor base-running and on field errors might have lost anyway. It would have been a close game, though: 1-0 A’s or 1-0 GIANTS. But 5-0 A’s? That was all GIANTS.

So, when I told you to buckle up because it was going to be a bumpy ride? I was wrong. It’s more like a roller coaster: 1st it goes up, then it goes down, then it goes up, then back down. Then it goes…well, you get the picture. Dramamine, anyone?

And quit crying!!!

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