Not That Simple

You didn’t really think it was going to be that easy, did you? Just turn the calendar page and–boom! just like that, the GIANTS win every game? Yeah, I  was kinda hoping so too. But the 2nd July game didn’t go as we’d hoped, and there’s just no way you can win them all. And truthfully? Vogey gave a great effort. In the “what’s the good news?” category: Sergio Romo pitched a shut-down 9th inning–that was a welcome sight.

The GIANTS faced the Cardinals last night for the 2nd game if the series at AT&T Park. Vogelsong had a quality outing, even though he gave up a couple of runs in the 3rd, he kept the rest of the game pretty tight, giving the GIANTS the chance to get in the game. But the Cardinals pitcher, one of the best in the NL, had all his stuff working and the GIANTS just couldn’t hit him. The GIANTS managed to get 5 hits off him, and 2 of those hits came from the rook–2nd baseman Joe Panik.

So the GIANTS got shut-out last night. Right now each team has a win in this series. Today’s game decides who gets the series win. Madison Bumgarner, the GIANTS’ ace, is on the mound. And even though it’s not that simple, I simply like our chances, don’t you?

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