June Swoon

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been the last couple of days. Why I haven’t posted. Usually, you can’t shut me up, but suddenly I’m rendered speechless. An anomaly, I know.

In case you haven’t heard the GIANTS got swept by the Reds. It was a 4 game series and watching it wasn’t for the faint-of-heart. It wasn’t pretty. I could recap the games for you, but why? It’s a world gone mad. And everyone is blaming it on the “June Swoon”. Kruk, Kuip, Miller and Flemming said it will be better in July. So I decided to check it out–find out what this “June Swoon” is all about.

I spent an inordinate amount of time sifting through the stats. I decided to confine my research to the San Francisco-era GIANTS, just to cut the data in half. And here’s what I found out: this “June Swoon” thing might have some teeth.

The GIANTS are in the middle of their 57th season in San Francisco.  I counted this season when I tallied up all the Junes and compared them to the other months played in each season. June has been the worst month of the season 13 times. It’s been the GIANTS best month of playing 7 times. It has been 2nd to the worst month 11 times. Let’s face it, folks. June is not the GIANTS month.

Bochy met with reporters and said we should focus on the positive. Ok. I’m positive June was a terrible month for the GIANTS. But besides that, Matt Cain pitched a great game Saturday night with 7 shut-out innings. Tim Hudson pitched a great game yesterday. Angel Pagan is working on getting back. Brandon Belt is ready to play.

Today is the last day of June and the GIANTS have the day off. Tomorrow the GIANTS face the Cardinals at AT&T Park. Tomorrow it will be July. And tomorrow, after all, is another day.

4 thoughts on “June Swoon

  1. Steven L. Spurgeon says:

    The Giants need to make some trades! #1 get a good hitting 2nd base guy like Josh Rutledge that is on the bench in Colorado, guy hits for power is really a
    SS, so he can give Crawford a break and has two years in the bigs. Second, trade for a hard throwing closer, like Jonathan Broxton. Sign Pablo to a new contract his head is in the tank (they can make a good deal now) and finally let the starters finish the game when possible!

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    • What do you think of Chase Uttley from the Phillies for 2nd? Too much $$$? I know he has a no-trade clause, he’s a little long in the tooth, but he’s a California kid and may consider. also, I’ve heard Amaro may be conducting a fire sale.


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