Who is as tired as I am? Tired of rationalizing, tired of making excuses, tired of saying “we’ll get ’em tomorrow”, and really, really, really tired of saying that’s baseball & there’s plenty of baseball left. It’s grown old. And if I’m feeling this way, how must the GIANTS be feeling? Probably the same. To the millionth power. I wouldn’t blame them if they were angry–pissed, actually. Completely. For the 1st two and a half months they were golden and now? Now they can barely put a couple of base hits together to put a runner in scoring position. Am I giving up on them? You know better than that. We’re talking about our team here. The GIANTS. The greatest team in Major League Baseball.

The GIANTS have a problem. I don’t know what’s happening, but I do know this: if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. So, Toni, you ask, what do you propose? Well, here it is:

You know how the GIANTS always say part of the reason they do so well–when they’re doing well–is the fans. They say the fans give them energy. They say the fans are the 26th man on the roster. They say the fans are a big part of what gets the team going.

It’s time for the fans, to be quite blunt, to step up to the plate.

We need to hashtag.  We can’t hit, can’t pitch, can’t score runs or do anything on the field to help the GIANTS.  But we can take the social media by storm and inundate it with  #rallyGIANTS. Let’s get out there and start trending. Let’s get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, whichever social media outlet you prefer and do our part.

Who’s with me?


2 thoughts on “It’s Time To #RALLYGIANTS

  1. Anthony says:

    Yes I agree. we as Giants Fans need to step up our game. We’re not going to sit there and point fingers, we’re going to stand up and raise our rally flags and waive them until there isn’t a Seagull left in China Basin. We are Giant, we are tougher and we won’t let the Nay Sayers have their way. GO GIANTS

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