Win Some, Lose Some

There’s an old baseball saying: “win some, lose some, and sometimes its rained out.” The take-away? It happens. I say we focus on the positives. I know, I know, you’re wondering–what positives? Well, I’ll tell you.

Adam Duvall rounding the bases after hitting his 1st major league homerun

Adam Duvall rounding the bases after hitting his 1st major league homerun

The GIANTS called up another player from AAA Fresno–Adam Duvall. Adam was the GIANTS 11th round draft pick in the 2010 Major League Draft. He was the homerun leader in Class A ball in 2012 when he played for the San Jose GIANTS. This year, in AAA ball with the Fresno Grizzlies, he’s made 289 plate appearances, gotten 78 hits–10 doubles and 3 triples–23 homeruns and 67 RBIs. Stay HOT Adam Duvall!!

Duvall was called up because Angel Pagan was placed on the 15 day DL and Bochy needed to add a player to the bench. When Michael Morse came down with the crud that has been spreading through clubhouse, Bochy put Duvall in the starting line-up at 1st base. His parents flew in from Kentucky to see him make his major league debut and they must have been thrilled and proud. Because even though his team lost the game, the GIANTS scored 1 run–Duvall’s. He hit a solo HR in the 7th, preventing the Reds from making it a shut-out. How cool is that? The final score was:
GIANTS 1, Reds 3


So, let’s see–Adam Duvall gets a call-up from AAA to The Show. His parents fly in from Kentucky, he witnesses a No Hitter for his 1st game, gets put in the starting line-up for his 2nd game, AND he knocks a big league pitch out of the park. I’d say that’s pretty positive. Welcome to the Big Leagues Adam Duvall!!

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