OOPS! We Did It Again!

I try, consciously, to refrain from saying “WE” when discussing the GIANTS accomplishments, after all, I’m watching from the comfort of my air-conditioned living room, and I don’t have to throw, run, catch, hit or do anything the GIANTS do to provide all of us with quality entertainment and great games. It’s all GIANTS. But when we lose? When we lose, I blame myself. Call it good old catholic guilt, call it a martyr syndrome, call it whatever you want–but I figure I’ve done something to annoy the baseball gods and the GIANTS are paying the price. As soon as I figure out what it is, I swear I’ll fix it. I’ll color my hair orange, I’ll offer up a bucket of chicken–Manny’s, of course, only the best–I’ll wear my socks inside out, I’ll paint the GIANTS logo on each nail…well, you get the picture.

imageIn case you haven’t figured it out, “WE” lost again last night. The Padres put their collective nose to the grindstone and their collective bat on the ball to come up with 7 runs–including a home run. At least this game the GIANTS were able to get on the board. Pablo hit a single in the 5th, advanced on Morse’s base hit and came home on Colvin’s RBI groundout. Blanco scored in the 6th–he hit a single–Buster brought him home with an RBI double. The final score was:

GIANTS 2, Padres 5

I do have a question, though. With all the struggles and frustrations the GIANTS have suffered through–what the hell is wrong with so-called “FANS” who interfere with the game? Friday night some yahoo stuck his hat out and caught a ball that was initially called a homerun–but changed to a ground-rule double after a video review, and last night a different yahoo caught a ball that actually may have had a chance of being caught by Colvin, and had it,  would have robbed the Padres of  a homerun. Listen up, you so-called “FANS” –keep your damn mitts to yourself. No one is interested in seeing you catch the ball. I hope you got tossed, and I hope you paid a lot of money for your ticket.

In the guise of good news: the GIANTS are still in 1st place in the NL West–but can you hear it? can you hear that sound behind us? That’s the pitter patter of Dodger Blue cleats–they’re gaining on us!  GO GIANTS!


One thought on “OOPS! We Did It Again!

  1. Steven L. Spurgeon says:

    That’s the pitter patter of Dodger Blue cleats–they’re gaining on us! GO GIANTS! It is going to be good, I can hear my Mom being upset about the June Swoon!


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