Happy Birthday Sir!

imageToday is Hensley Meulens’ Birthday. He was born June 23, 1967 in Willemstad,  Curaçao. He is the 1st major leaguer from Curaçao and he paved the way for others like Andruw Jones and Jair Jurrgens. He played softball as a teenager, hitting home runs left-handed with such power, his friends nicknamed him Bam Bam, after the Flintstones cartoon.

He signed with the Yankees in 1985, made his major league debut in 1989, and played for the Yankees until 1993. He spent the next couple of years playing in Japan. He came back to America and played briefly for the Expos and then some minor league clubs. He retired in 2002, after suffering a mid-season injury playing in the Mexican League.

In 2003, Bam Bam became a coach in the minor leagues and served various teams as a translator. He speaks 5 languages–English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamento and Japanese. He also served as Japanese scout for the Pirates. He coaches in the Arizona Fall League.

imageIn 2010 he became the hitting coach for the GIANTS, earning 2 World Series rings in his 1st three years. He’s doing a great job!

In 2012, he was awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau–the equivalent of knighthood–by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Brandon Belt calls him Sir Bam Bam.

Happy Birthday Sir Bam Bam!

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