Baseball is like cooking

We lost. Again.

Pablo SandovalI thought maybe last night’s game would be different, and it was in some ways. Timmy started off pitching great. And the offense got into it right away when the Panda scored Posey with an RBI triple. But it wasn’t to be. I’ll be honest with you, though, I thought the guys were getting things done out there–Arizona’s lights out pitcher was advertised as “unhittable”–and yet the GIANTS got into Arizona’s pitcher early. To me, win or lose, that was a good sign. Final score:
GIANTS 1, DBacks 4


I wrote this some time ago. I wrote it when I got tired of fans calling for Timmy’s head.  Read on:

Baseball is like cooking.

Baseball is a wonderful sport. And if you’re a baseball fan, like me,  there’s nothing more exciting than watching the boys of summer take the field at your favorite ballpark. The sights, the sounds, the smells; there is a kind of magic in the air. If you’re a Giants fan, part of the excitement is the roar of the crowd and the over-the-top passion of the fans.

I am ashamed of some those “so-called fans” right now. Calling for Tim Lincecum to be benched or sent to the minors, or worse, released is beyond belief. I call those fans “fair weather fans”. This is our team-with all it’s warts, blemishes and bad days. You can’t just love them when they’re pretty, that’s easy. You have to love them when they can’t hit, can’t pitch, can’t field the ball and yes, you have to love them when they go on a losing streak, no matter how long it lasts. We’re lucky. We get to watch one of the greatest teams in all of baseball play right here in our backyard.

thI like to think of it this way: baseball is like cooking. You start off with all these great ingredients, mix them up and give it a taste. Sometimes you get a masterpiece and sometimes, not so much. Here’s an example: I make a blackberry pie. And trust me when I tell you-it’s the finest blackberry pie ever made. But once in awhile–even though I make it just about the same way every time–something is off. A blackberry that went bad gets past me, or the butter in my crust didn’t stay cold enough to make it tender and flaky, or there is so much acid in the berries it won’t set up properly. Does that mean I give up on blackberry pie? Of course not. It’s a mix of chemistry and faith. The good news is this: I will try again tomorrow. I’ll do it the same way or I’ll tweak my method and see what happens. That’s the chemistry part. And maybe it won’t be good again, but maybe it will. That’s the faith part.

tim-lincecum-ap-216x300So, have faith in Timmy, or any of the starting pitchers and the bullpen for that matter. And Bochy, Pablo, and the rest of the guys. Because that’s our team. If you’re a “fair weather fan” find your umbrella and weather the storms, showers and tiny sprinkles along the way. Or find another team. I hear the Dodgers are looking for fans. And quit picking on Lincecum.

Oh, want to know when I wrote this? June 25, 2012.

Like I said. Faith.

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