That’s What I’m Talking About!

A couple of weeks ago, when Jeff Samardzija came to town, he boasted the lowest ERA in the bigs. Guess who owns that title today? If you guessed the GIANTS own Tim Hudson, you’d be right. First of all, can I just say “good pick, Sabean”? Tim Hudson has been a major shot in the arm for the GIANTS.  or should I say Tim Hudson’s arm has been a major shot in the bullpen for the GIANTS? Either way you put it, Tim Hudson has been huge.  Yesterday he went 7 innings, gave up 6 hits, 1 run–unearned–and 2 walks while striking out 5.

imageI’ll make this short and sweet. The GIANTS won. The Nationals scored 1 run in the 4th, and here’s how it went for the GIANTS:

in the 2nd inning, Morse hit a single, Tyler Colvin brought him home with an RBI triple, and Colvin scored on Crawford’s RBI groundout. BTW, if you caught yesterday’s game on CSN Bay Area, you heard our gurus, Kruk and Kuip, quoting GIANTS former award-winning 2nd baseman, Jeff Kent, who counsels his players: “the money lies in the RBIs.”  If that’s true, Michael Morse (42 RBIs) going to make the Fortune 500, and Brandon imageCrawford (35 RBIs) is not far behind. In the 6th, Pablo got a base hit, Morse got a base
hit, and Adrianza brought Morse home with an RBI single. You’re wondering who got the RBI for getting Pablo home? Nobody–Pablo was on 3rd base when the Nationals’ pitcher balked, giving the runners the next base. Pence got a base hit in the 7th and scored off Pablo’s SAC fly. In the 8th, Colvin hit a single and Crawford hit a double. They scored on Hector Sanchez’s 2 RBI single. The final score was:

GIANTS 7, Nationals 1

The GIANTS didn’t win the series, they didn’t split the series, but, more importantly, they didn’t get swept. Although the most important thing is I kept score–like I promised–I knew the GIANTS couldn’t lose!

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