Chronia Polla, George Kontos!

imageOr Hronia Polla, or Cronia Pola, depends on who you ask. I think part of it is the Greek language uses a different alphabet. But translated it means “many years” and it’s how you wish someone Happy Birthday in Greek. And, in case you haven’t guessed, today is George Kontos’s 29th birthday.



George is from Chicago, he played baseball and majored in Economics at Northwestern, and he was drafted by the Yankees out of college. Lucky for us, he joined the GIANTS in April 2012 and was part of the amazing bullpen that propelled the GIANTS to win the NLDS, NLCS and the 2012 World Series. Happy birthday Champ…it’s great to have you back!

2 thoughts on “Chronia Polla, George Kontos!

  1. Kandas Vaccarezza says:

    Good posting….Gamer Babe! I was wondering what you would come up with after the disappointing last few games….uggggg! I am so glad to see Washington get out of town! We are going on Father’s Day…..I will try to take a couple of photos to send to you! I have really enjoyed your postings….. Kandy Sent from me



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