Somethin’ to Talk About

Madison+Bumgarner+Washington+Nationals+v+San+bJzwfkGVwJBlOk! Ok! I know…when the GIANTS lose, I don’t like to talk about it. But, when the GIANTS win? You can’t shut me up. But last night’s game? Last night’s game must have been very frustrating for the GIANTS, it sure was for me. Branch Rickey once said “baseball is a game of inches.” And while you couldn’t measure the difference between winning and losing last night’s game in inches–not completely anyway–the difference between winning and losing was fairly small. I suppose you’re wondering what difference I’m talking about.

The difference–the obvious difference–the Nationals scored more runs than the GIANTS. Well, duh. Sometimes I have an uncanny grasp on the obvious. The GIANTS scored 1 run, and the Nationals scored 2. But, if you look closely, you’ll see that the GIANTS actually had 10 hits, and the Nationals had 9. The GIANTS had the opportunity to score more runs, but weren’t able to cash in on them. One of those opportunities came in the bottom of the 6th. Pablo hit a nice line-drive double. Michael Morse followed him and flied out. Gregor Blanco came to the plate and struck out. So, when Brandon Crawford came up next and singled, pablo 06.10.14Pablo took off for home. He didn’t make it. I suppose the difference between Pablo making it and getting put out could be measured in inches. The one run the GIANTS scored came in the 9th. Brandon Crawford smacked a line-drive triple out to center field. To triples alley actually. He scored when Brandon Hicks hit a ground ball and the Nationals threw the ball to 1st to put Hicks out. The final score was:
GIANTS 1, Nationals 2.

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