It Takes a TEAM

imageThere’s a lot of talk around Major League Baseball about the Dodgers and their massive payroll. Their line-up is superstar heavy, and it has the pundits wondering “why are the Dodgers so far out of 1st place?”

I’m going to offer a couple of theories. Because I’m a superstitious baseball nut, my 1st theory is: it’s still early–fingers x’d, blogger’s jinx, don’t count your chickens…can somebody bring me a bald man and a troll doll? You can’t be too careful when it comes to upsetting the baseball gods. I may need to sacrifice a bucket of chicken for even discussing this. The other theory is this: it takes a TEAM. The GIANTS know a lot about this because that’s how they play. As a TEAM. They pick each other up. What one can’t get done, the next one can. They’re like interchangeable parts. As a matter of fact, they might as well all be named Brandon.

imageAnother TEAM that knows a lot about teamwork is TEAM Charter School in Stockton, CA.  TEAM Charter School’s mission is:

“To cultivate healthy bodies, minds, and spirits based on compassion and love for all humanity.”

And you know what that includes? A trip to the ballpark, of course! In an effort generated by the school’s PTO, and organized by the school’s Executive Director, Debbie Eison, a group of TEAM Charter School’s parents, students, faculty and staff & their families took a field trip to the GIANTS game last night. Many of the kids had never been to a ballpark. The group consisted of 30 grown-ups, 17 men and 13 women, and 20 kids.


They enjoyed ballpark food: lots of hot dogs–if you go to a ballgame, you have to have a hot dog, garlic fries–if you go to AT&T you gotta have the garlic fries, hot chocolate, nachos, popcorn, peanuts–like I said, ballpark food!



imageThey sat in the bleachers, some of the kids brought their gloves, but unfortunately, no fly balls came their way.

A visit to the ballpark. These kids will remember this for the rest of their lives. They got to watch TEAMwork in action.  Best of all? After last night’s game, they got to hear Tony Bennett sing.



6 thoughts on “It Takes a TEAM

  1. Thanks for picking me up Lori, I neglected to spit and knock on wood!!! I’m terrified about what might have happened if you hadn’t come along! Seriously, though, I’m Super-superstitious!!!


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