Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Memorial Day

On Monday, America observed Memorial Day. Major League Baseball did it with class. All 30 teams took the field wearing camo-themed uni’s to honor the nation’s military and it’s contribution to our freedom. It made me very proud.

Now, about those Cubs…

Game 1 Cub’s pitcher Jeff Samardzija started Monday’s game with the distinction of having the lowest ERA in the majors–1.46–but no wins. He fixed that Monday on the bats of the San Francisco GIANTS, OUR San Francisco GIANTS. “We were happy to help him out, finally get him that win.” said no GIANT ever. “It’s good to get something like that behind you, that’s tough to take (no wins) with such a great ERA” said absolutely no other GIANT. OK, so Samardzija finally got a W, good for him. Now can we move on?
BTW if you’re interested in how the game went, our 1st run was scored by Pagan, who reached 1st base on the pitcher’s error. Yeah, that pitcher. Pablo hit a 2 run HR in the 4th, bringing Posey home with him. Morse hit a triple in the 7th and scored on Crawford’s RBI single. Petit and the bullpen handled the pitching duties for the injured Matt Cain. And let’s just say.. Hurry up and get better Cain!
Final score: GIANTS 4, Cubs 8

Game 2 now that’s more like it. The GIANTS may have helped Jeff Samardzija get past his no-wins, but enough was enough. The GIANTS scored 2 runs in the 1st–Pagan scored on Posey’s SAC fly, Pence scored on Morse’s RBI single, and 2 runs in the 5th–Adrianza scored on another Posey SAC fly and Pagan scored on Panda’s RBI single. Hudson pitched a great game giving up 6 hits, ZERO runs, and struck out 5. No walks. Affeldt and Machi finished it off.
Final score: GIANTS 4, Cubs 0

Game 3 the GIANTS liked the shutout so much, they did it again. The GIANTS didn’t get on the board until the 6th inning. Until then, it was a good old-fashion pitching duel. Pagan led-off the 6th with a double and Pence walked. Pagan scored on Panda’s RBI single, and Colvin brought Pence home with an RBI double. In the 7th, Blanco led-off with a single and Pagan moved him over with a SAC bunt. Posey got on base on the 3rd baseman’s error and Blanco scored. The Cubs pitcher intentionally walked Panda. Posey and Panda both scored on Sanchez’s 2 RBI double. Lincecum started the game, going 5 innings, no runs, no hits, 4 walks and 5 strike outs. Kontos pitched 1 and a third–and can I just say: welcome back, Kontos…AGAIN. Can we keep him this time? Affeldt, Machi, Gutierrez and Lopez all came in.
Final score: GIANTS 5, Cubs 0

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