Injury Update

this one’s for you Lori D

Anyone who follows Brandon and Brandon’s blog probably got the shivers when Santiago Casilla stopped, dropped and rolled after running out a grounder in last night’s game. Casilla wasn’t on fire. Lopez “pinch-blogged the Brandon and Brandon blog and told a story about a foot-race challenge between Machi, Casilla and Lopez.

For those who don’t follow Brandon and Brandon, I re-blogged it for you. And you should follow Brandon and Brandon, it’s a great blog!

Last night’s win was bittersweet, we lost 2 pitchers to injury during the course of the game. Matt Cain came out after pitching 2 practically perfect innings with a strained hamstring. I thought at first he was hit by a comebacker, but it looks like he might have made an awkward step after the comebacker. When I know more, I’ll update. He’s going for an MRI today.

After Cain came out of the game, the bullpen went to work and things went really well. For a time. The bases got loaded up on 3 singles in the 8th, so they brought in Casilla who got us out of it with only 1 run scored. The pitcher’s position was due up, so Casilla put on a batting helmet and went to the plate. He’s afraid of getting hit by a pitch so he stands as far away from the plate as possible without leaving the batter’s box. He took a couple of hacks and 1 actually connected so he ran hell-bent for leather to 1st. They had to carry him off the field. He will also undergo an MRI today.

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One thought on “Injury Update

  1. Lori Devincenzi says:

    Thank you for this. šŸ™‚ I see that Posey is back today. Man oh man, these injuries are killin’ me!! Oh, and thanks for letting me vent on here, you’re the best Toni!!


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