The TORTURE is Back!

Remember when we all talked about GIANTS Baseball…TORTURE!! The series opener against the Rockies reminded me of those GIANTS games. Word on the street is the phrase GIANTS Baseball…TORTURE! was coined by Gamer Babes from Half Moon Bay’s very own Guru–Duane Kuiper.

Game 1 of the series in Colorado started off quietly. The GIANTS got the 1st hit of the game off the bat of Brandon Hicks in the top of the 2nd. He was left stranded. In the top of the 4th, Hunter Pence drew a walk. And HE was left stranded. The Rockies scored in the bottom of the 4th and that’s when the game started heating up.
The score: GIANTS 0, Rockies 1

Crawford got a single in the 5th, Colvin followed with a double and then Blanco–the white shark–smacked a beautiful 2 RBI triple! Pence followed up with an RBI single, scoring Blanco, and when the inning ended the GIANTS were in the lead.
The score: GIANTS 3, Rockies 1

Unfortunately, the Rockies got a man on in the 6th and then scored a 2 run HR, tying the game. TORTURE!
The score: GIANTS 3, Rockies 3

The bullpens went to work, keeping both teams from scoring in the 7th and 8th. In the top of the 9th, with 1 out and nobody on, Brandon Hicks hit a single and came home on Colvin’s RBI double. The GIANTS take the lead! BUT, with just a 1 run lead going into the bottom of the 9th…TORTURE!
The score: GIANTS 4, Rockies 3

That was the good news. Here’s the bad: the GIANTS put the Rockies’ lead-off man on with a walk. Then came a force out and a single. With 2 outs, a 2-2 count, (have I mentioned TORTURE?) and 2 men on board, and me sitting on the edge of my chair, the next batter smacked a ground rule double for the walk-off win. I fell off my chair.
Final score: GIANTS 4, Rockies 5

But like I always say, and my fellow gamer babes will agree, it’s baseball and there’s always tomorrow.

PS–Gamer Babes were well represented at Coors Field. Kruk and Kuip pointed out a group of Gamer Babes sitting right behind home plate. They were proud of the GIANTS Gamer Babes. So am I!

2 thoughts on “The TORTURE is Back!

  1. Lori Devincenzi says:

    You are correct!! Kuip definitely coined that phrase. I remember that I was listening to KNBR the first time he said it!! I feel so special because of it LOL!!


  2. Lori Devincenzi says:

    Dear Toni, I have nobody here to yell at tonight so . . . . WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO CAIN???? I’m not happy with all the injuries.


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