Crazy in LA

If the games in Pittsburgh were wild, they were definitely CRAZY in LA. Considering the GIANTS were taking on the biggest payroll in the bigs, I would have been thrilled with a split decision. Then things started getting CRAZY with extra innings, an artful Dodger, amazing plays by Crawford, a key player injured, a Cy Young award winning pitcher taken yard and come-from-behind wins.

Game 1
The GIANTS new theme is extra innings and this game was no exception. The GIANTS waited until the 7th inning to score. Not that they didn’t have the opportunity, up to that point there were runners left on base, some even in scoring position, in each inning but the 6th. The Dodgers were already on the board with a run in the 5th. Brandon Hicks came to the plate with 1 out and nobody on in the 7th, took 1 ball and sent the next one over the fences.
Game tied: GIANTS 1, Dodgers 1

In the top of the 10th, the pitcher walked Pagan. The Dodgers switched pitchers, to no avail, because the next pitcher walked Pence. While Pence was at the plate, Pagan advanced to 2nd on a passed ball. The next batter was Posey and he walked, Pence to 2nd, Pagan to 3rd. With 1 out, Hector Sanchez pinch-hit a sac fly to score Pagan. Pence went to 3rd. Brandon Belt came to the plate and singled on a ground ball to left field. Buster advanced to 2nd and Pence came home.
Ryan Vogelsong pitched a solid game going 7.1 innings, with 1 run and 5 hits, striking out 2 and walking 2. Sergio Romo closed out the game with only 1 Dodger reaching a base, but not scoring.
Final score: GIANTS 3, Dodgers 1.

Game 2
The next game ended with the same result, different route. No extra innings! The good news is we won, but the bad news is we lost an important player when the Dodgers pitcher hit Brandon Belt on the hand. The Baby Giraffe ran the bases, but when the inning was over he came out of the game. The x-rays show that his thumb is broken and he’ll likely be out for 6 weeks. The Dodgers scored 1 run in the 6th, but the GIANTS scored 3, a 2-run HR by Crawford in the 5th and in the 6th, Pence, who was walked, scored on an RBI double courtesy of Joaquin Arias, Belt’s replacement in the game.

Bumgarner pitched a great game, going a solid 8 innings with 1 run, 4 hits, 1 walk and 8 strike-outs. Romo closed it out with a 1, 2, 3 inning.
Final score: GIANTS 3, Dodgers 1.

Game 3
Different day, different result. File this one under “when the GIANTS score 1st, they don’t always win.” Lucky for GIANTS fans, it’s a pretty slim file. The GIANTS put 2 runs on the board in the 2nd which went unanswered by the Dodgers until the 6th–they scored 2. They scored 2 more in the 7th and 2 more in the 8th. The Artful Dodger–Grand Theft Gordon–stole 2nd twice, and ended up scoring once. That guy should be arrested.
Here’s how the GIANTS got on the board: Brandon Crawford singled, Brandon Hicks walked. Matt Cain hit a sac bunt to move the runners over, but he reached base anyway, bases loaded. Crawford scored on a sac fly hit by Hunter Pence and Brandon Hicks scored on a Buster Posey single.
Matt Cain started off well, he held the Dodgers in check until the 6th, but it appeared he might still be bothered by the cut on his finger. He cut it when he attempted to catch a knife he dropped while fixing a sandwich in the clubhouse. He spent a few days on the DL. Matt Cain on the DL? Now, that’s CRAZY!!
Final score: GIANTS 2, Dodgers 6.

Game 4
Final game of the series. Mother’s Day. All the guys were sporting pink to raise breast cancer awareness. The GIANTS looked good out there, I’d say Pretty in Pink, but it was better than pretty, it was CRAZY!! Pagan scored in the 1st on an RBI double courtesy of the Panda. The “best” pitcher in baseball kept the GIANTS from scoring again until the 7th when Brandon Hicks smacked a 2-run HR, bringing the Panda home with him. Here’s the CRAZY thing: NO ONE, and I mean ALMOST NO ONE, hits a HR on a Clayton Kershaw curve. There have been a few exceptions, but who cares? It’s still a big deal. Pagan scored again in the 8th, after being walked, on an RBI single hit by Posey.
The score: GIANTS 4, Dodgers 2.

The Dodgers got up for their last inning, and had a runner on 2nd when Hanley Ramirez let loose with a big fly scoring 2 and tying the game. Here we go again–extra innings.
The score: GIANTS 4, LA 4.

Top of the 10th and the GIANTS went CRAZY! Pagan walked, Hunter singled, Posey was intentionally walked. Bases loaded. The Panda hit a single and Pagan scored. Hector singled and Pence scored. With 2 men on, 2 outs, and Morse at the plate, the Dodgers pitcher threw a wild pitch and Buster Posey came home. Machi pitched the bottom of the 10th. He allowed 2 hitters to reach and even threw a wild pitch of his own, but the Dodgers couldn’t cash in.
Hudson had a good outing, going 6 innings, giving up 8 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk and 2 strike outs. The bullpen pitched in with Affeldt, Casilla, Romo and Machi.
It was a very Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.
Final score: GIANTS 7, LA 3.

Speaking of CRAZY Brandon Crawford is shaping up to be a CRAZY good short stop. has highlight reels that feature some of Crawford’s amazing plays. I included the clip from May 8th.
Aren’t we lucky to have one of the best in the bigs on our side?

Crawford vs the Dodgers

Is it just me, or does he make it look easy?

Another thing…thinking I would be happy with a split series? CRAZY!!!

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