Wild Night

05/05/14–the theme of last night’s game was WILD. Take your pick: WILD Night, Boys Gone WILD, or how about some “WILD and crazy guys”? Doesn’t matter which one you choose. The game was WILD. It went 13 innings. It started on a Monday and finished on a Tuesday. An umpire got hit when Machi tried to throw out McCutchen at 2nd. A total of 5 wild pitches were thrown. Madison Bumgarner was a pinch hitter. WHAT?!?!

It started like any normal game. The GIANTS put up 2 runs in the top of the 1st, Buster Posey scored on a Michael Morse double and Michael Morse scored on a Hector Sanchez single.
The score was: GIANTS 2, Pirates 0.

Then the Pirates scored 4 runs in the 3rd and 4 more in the 5th, making the outcome for the GIANTS look dismal. Not so. The GIANTS went back out in the 5th and put up a bunch of runs. 5 to be exact. As Kruk and Kuip said–“now we have a ballgame!”
The score was: GIANTS 7, Pirates 8.

Pittsburgh got back up to the plate and tacked on another run, making it GIANTS down by 2. So the GIANTS turned around and tacked on 2.
The score was: GIANTS 9, Pirates 9, Game tied.

The Pirates scored another run, up by 1.
The score was: GIANTS 9, Pirates 10.

Nobody scored in the 8th. It was down to the 9th inning, GIANTS down to their last 3 outs. Hunter Pence singled on a line drive to right field. With Buster Posey at the plate, the Pirates pitcher threw a WILD pitch, and Hunter moved to 2nd-putting the tying run in scoring position. Buster hit a single to right field, but the ducks who were watching the game from the outfield missed it because McCutchen chased them off. Yes, there was wildlife, in keeping with the WILD theme. Hunter scored.
The score was: GIANTS 10, Pirates 10. Game tied. Again.

The game went into extra innings, with neither team scoring in the 10th, 11th-even though the GIANTS brought out the big gun, Madison Bumgarner pinch-hit for the GIANTS, or the 12th.
The score was: GIANTS 10, Pirates 10. Game still tied.

In the 13th inning Angel Pagan led off for the GIANTS, but was retired on a ground ball, pitcher to 1st base for the put-out. Hunter Pence was up next and he walked. Juan Perez came to the plate and was hit by a pitch. Jean Machi (who pitched in the 11th and 12th) came to the plate and put down a perfect sacrifice bunt, which turned out to be not such a big sacrifice because Machi reached on a throwing error by the Pirate’s pitcher. It looked like the ball hit 1st base and bounced straight up-WILD. Hunter Pence scored. Hector Sanchez struck out, Brandon Belt walked, the bases were loaded and Brandon Hicks struck out. Side retired.
The score was: GIANTS 11, Pirates 10.

The Pirates came to the plate and it went like this: 1st batter-hit by a pitch, 2nd batter-fly ball caught by Pagan, 3rd batter ground into the double play, Hicks to Crawford to Belt.
Game over.

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