Gamer Babes Unite!

This is the inaugural launch of my blog about the greatest team in Major League Baseball, our San Francisco GIANTS! For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, you are familiar with my postings: a brief blurb after each GIANTS game. I decided it was time to take it to a new level and post more than a brief blurb. I also plan to ask for guest bloggers, or, as the Brandons have termed them, PINCH bloggers. Please contact me via email at or leave a comment if you are interested in pinch blogging.

About me: I bleed orange and black. I am a constant reader, a sometime writer, a fabulous cook (self proclaimed, but who are you to argue?), wife, mother and friend. I have the greatest family in the world, some of the best friends a girl could ask for, 2 really great kids who make me laugh and keep me entertained, and a husband. What about him? He’s retired. Need I say more? I don’t live in The City, but both my kids do and I’m not that far, all I have to do is head down the road, cross the bridge and I’m at The Yard.

What about Gamer Babes? In my opinion–and let’s just be clear–right now it’s the only one that counts, Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper are the best television broadcasting duo in the bigs. John Miller and Dave Fleming are unbeatable on the radio…voices like butter. Kruk and Kuip have tagged female  baseball fans “Gamer Babes from Half Moon Bay”. It’s a term of endearment. It’s a compliment. Take it as one.

I hate to rain on this parade, but this blog and website is meant to be a forum for fans of the San Francisco GIANTS, so I have to lay down the law here. There are only a couple of rules:

1. Respect other posters and ME, no name-calling AND absolutely no using words meant to incite an argument or to make anyone look bad;

2. Absolutely, NO insults, put-downs, or otherwise negative comments about our team, the San Francisco GIANTS, other fans, or anyone affiliated with the team, including the aforementioned Kruk and Kuip, Dave and John, Renel Brooks-Moon, Brian Sabean, Larry Baer, and the rest of the GIANTS ownership group. We will adhere to the San Francisco GIANTS marketing campaigns and use them as our guideline for conduct: Together We’re GIANT; ALL TOGETHER, STRONGER TOGETHER.

3. No one is allowed to divulge  personal, private or non-public information about our team, whether players, management or staff. For example: if you happen to know what Mike Krukow does on his day off and where he spends it, that’s his business and not ours. Any personal or  private information about the players or other members of the GIANTS’ family will be removed immediately.

4. This forum is for discussion purposes only. No sales of any kind will be conducted on this site. If you want to buy tickets to a game, go to or StubHub.

5. Have fun! This is about baseball, the great American pastime. It should be fun!

That’s pretty much all I can think of right now, but if something comes up that I haven’t thought of, trust me when I tell you, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

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